Adapter for Kiev 60 TTL-Metering Prismfinder to fit Exakta 66 and Pentacon Six 
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Please note:

In rare cases the prisms, even new ones, have the older eypiece which is mentioned below (see "old version"). They don´t give a sharp image of the Pentacon/Exakta focusing screen to your eye. Check by putting the prismfinder onto your camera at a distance where the glass surface is about 1mm above the camera top plate. You should now see a sharp image, otherwise a correction lens should be mounted. This correction would not affect further use of the prism on Kiev 60 bodies!

Some change to the Kiev 60 TTL-Prism is recommendable to fit Exakta 66 Mark II or III:

The rear of the prism should be cut back a little ( about 1 mm) on the right-hand side. Otherwise the long film advance lever of these models might prevent smoothly mounting the prism onto the camera. This modification does not affect further use of the prism on the Kiev 60.

Old Version of Kiev 60 TTL-Prism?

The older version with the on-off knob usually does not meter as accurately as the newer one. So you might not have such good results as with the newer one that has the automatic switch off. In addition the older version has a different eyepiece, which does not focus correctly on the screen with the baierfoto adapter. This is due to the greater distance from the screen with the adapter. You would have to use a correction lens then. An adaper to fit three modern button cells LR44 / SR44 the old battery chamber is available for Euro 6,-.

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