Film Advance Control Unit for Pentacon Six and Exakta 66
protected by law: DBGM 200 02 362.4

Safe Film Advance - no more overlapping frames!

Film advance is OK when the device is showing green while you lead the advance lever back. Should this not be the case the advance lever is led back half its way and pushed again until you see green.

Please note with Exakta 66: For easy additional advancing the lever´s blocking mechanism will be disengaged when the advance control is installed to your Exakta 66. This will not lead to any disadvantages.

Function is purely mechanical, no electronic or electric parts, no battery required. Minimum change done to the camera.

(I want to know more about the unit´s function)

Overlapping frames are safely avoided now!

Price incl. installation into your camera: Euro 100,- excl. VAT

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Warranty: 2 years on the device and against overlapping frames.

Send me your camera after appointment, please.