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How To Prevent Overlapping Frames With Pentacon Six

Loading Film:

After opening the camera back, press shutter release button once.

Load film according to the camera instructions.

Especially make sure to pull the film tight between the spools by braking the left film spool with your thumb while turning the uptaking spool. The very first film advance after closing the camera back should be done in the usual, normal way. Then proceed as follows:

Film Advance: (Beginning with the second advance step to frame 1 – until the film´s end)

By this method a normal Pentacon Six should show no overlapping frames anymore. But this cannot be guaranteed. Complete safety is possible by the

baierfoto Film Advance Control

*) With some Pentacon Six cameras a rough feeling (resistance) might be felt when advancing with pressed shutter release button. In this case reduce your finger´s pressing force on the release button just a little.

If the shutter release button should have been pressed until the end of the advance, the mirror would not snap in, but remain in an intermediate position. In this case the camera would not allow cocking and shooting. If this should occur, remove the lens and slightly push the mirror to its upper position. Thus you will release the shutter and set back the camera to normal uncocked status.