Kiev Quality ?

There are discussions all around the world wide web about this item. It is known that the quality controls are poor or even not existing at all. The constructions are quite good though. After good control and adjustment Kiev products are reliable. The prismfinders bought from baierfoto are checked and adjusted.

Optics are good in the prismfinders, many users told me that the adapted Kiev finders are even brighter than the original ones made by the camera manufacturers. You should not expect absolute perfection though: Tiny air bubbles in the glass may occur or tiny, almost invisible scratches on glass surfaces.

Paint and leatherette finish is often below western standards, some scratches may occur even with new finders.

Exposure metering needs to be readjusted in any case. After this procedure metering is capable for good results even with slide film. Prismfinders with TTL meters which are not matching baierfoto standards even after adjustment are picked out.

Spot metering finder:

Spot prisms are throughout inacceptable when they come out of the factory

  1. Spot and integral metering of same brightness give different results mostly.

  2. The spot metering area shown in the viewfinder image does not match the really metered spot.

  3. Often the upper area in the ocular is covered unnecessarily by paint, limiting the eyesight angle.

    When comparing prices:

All finders offered by baierfoto are checked, adjusted, bad ones picked out!

Particularly adjustment according to 2. is costly. The finder must be dismantled and the location of the spot metering photo cell needs to be readjusted. This is possible by major changes to the photo cell holder only.

Without these adjustments and changes proper spot metering is just impossible.


technical data of Kiev prismfinders