Technical Data of Kiev Prismfinders

Meter Display

2 LEDs in the upper viewfinder image area; Turn speed dial of the prism, until second LED is lighted. Additional LED indicating spot or integral metering mode. See: 3 versions page

Metering Mode

Open aperture metering (recommended)  Follow-up metering with working aperture (possible)

Metering Characteristics

Slightly center-weighted (plus spot metering option with spot prism, see: 3 versions page)

Photocell Type

Two LDRs in integral metering version, three LDRs in spot metering version ( LDR = Light depending resistor)

Suitable Lenses

All. (Maximum aperture must be set on the prism)

Suitable Focusing Screens

All. (For bright screens the metering system will be adjusted when you order, or ISO setting should be varyied)

Meering Range

EV 4-17 (6-17 with spot metering) referring to ISO 100 und 1:2,8 lens with open apterture metering

Film Sensitivity

From ISO 6 to ISO 3200


3 button cells of 1,55V or 1,5V each e.g. SR 44, LR 44. Voltage stabilised by the prismfinder.

Eyesight Correction

Corrective lenses available in any strength – individually made after order (15,- Euros)


appr. 400g non-TTL, appr. 500g TTL- and Spotprism (plus the adapters weight, if in use)


Kiev Quality